A complete communication agency

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Dynamism and professionalism

We are a young and dynamic company with a team of staff holding long experience in the field of communication and therefore able to provide a high quality service and to respond with professionalism to customer needs.

We organize events, including advise from concept to conclusion and follow up activities, both in the medical-science sector and in the corporate sector with a professional focus such as seminars, symposia and conferences; or “hospitality” such as theatres, concerts and exhibitions.

We create the chemistry that is necessary to reach our goal; Materia Prima (which means “raw material”) uses the best mix of high level resources and proven experience that underlie the success of any type of event, from simple to more complex events.

How we operate

We start gaining a solid understanding of our customer, his goal, his budget and any specific needs, to provide ideal targeted solutions, during the whole traject from concept to management and realization, and subsequent assessment, of the event.

We offer a proactive approach to provide innovative solutions and to increase the visibility of our customers with the ability to recognize, to understand and to share their aims and requirements and even to exceed their expectations thus increasing the value of the event as an important marketing tool.

Our features

• Professionalism: we offer a team of highly professional staff, constantly updated, each with own special knowledge to fulfill the customer remit and thus provide the utmost level of service;

• Dynamism: we are enterprising, quick to notice new trends, always able to offer new ideas and solutions;

• Reliability: we acknowledge, manage and reply to customer needs with seriousness and reliability, offering the best, and not the usual, solution, in the knowledge that customer confidence is at the basis of every successful project;

• Flexibility: we keep abreast of customer needs, adapting to different situations that a constant changing market offers, with the ability of giving direct and personalized assistance to all project stakeholders;

• Creativity: we give tailor-made responses to new demands and new responses to standard requests in order to surprise, adapt and motivate the most effectively.

What about us: