CSI MILANO 2019 - Colorectal Surgery Interaction

giovedì 4 luglio 2019 - venerdì 5 luglio 2019

Colorectal surgery has undergone major developments over the last decade and is continuously evolving.
From the introduction of laparoscopy, this has been the field of breakthrough techniques and technologies being developed at a high pace and aimed to improve patients outcomes.
Robotics, fluorescence guided surgery and single port and transanal approaches are some examples.
Discussions and controversies on their application in daily OR practice and on their clinical significance in colon surgery are common nowadays.
Our meeting will feature top experts in the field engaging the audience in hot discussions on such cutting-edge topics, to clarify the place of technologies and their safe implementation.


REGISTRATION FEE: € 100,00 + 22% VAT



per info segreteria@materia1a.it | +39 0363 1848776

Humanitas Congress Center Via Alessandro Manzoni, 113 - Rozzano, Milan
Prof. Antonino Spinelli